Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Rare Find

A red diamond, a parking spot at Whole Foods, a husband that enjoys cooking and taking care of the kids (at the same time),  a car that is as functional as a mini-van...yet not a mini-van,  and my little friend, the Northern Hairy Nose Wombat....

These are all rare finds.  And, after my 10th house I came to the conclusion that just as rare is a white kitchen in Ohio.  Yes, my friends, I wanted a white kitchen more than anything.  In fact, I have been dreaming about a white kitchen for some time now.  It was the deal breaker for me.  It either had to have a white kitchen or we had to buy a house that left us enough money to make a white kitchen.  As you can imagine when these pictures showed up as Milly's kitchen it got my attention right away....

So, here I am in my white kitchen!  But, there is still work to do!  Since this is really the heart of the house I have taken it on as my first project.  Obviously the big design elements are fabulous...the brick wall, the wood floors, the WHITE cabinets.  However, I have a few changes planned to turn it into Milly's Kitchen.

The beauty of Milly's kitchen is that it's open to the family room.  The first thing we did was add wood flooring to the family room to make the space flow better and feel more open.  Next, I mixed some of our old pieces with new to create my story board for the project.  Here is a list of the new items to come!

1.  The first item I knew I had to have were the Riviera Barstools from Serena & Lily.  I have had a slight obsession with these for awhile and wanted to build my design around them.  

2.  Paint color for the kitchen walls:  Benjamin Moore, Revere Pewter

3.  Exiting chairs from Ballard Design.  Sadly, these chair are not available anymore.

4.  The dining table was also a huge part of the beginning planning.  After looking at all my resources I ended up selecting the French Urn Pedestal Table from Restoration Hardware.

5.  Existing rug for under the barstools from Crate and Barrel.  I really love this rug.  An easy way to make a room pop is to add a black and white rug.  It goes with any style and always looks fresh.

6.  The Roark Modular Ring Chandelier by Ralph Lauren Home for over the dining table. 

7.  Lugarno pulls from Restoration Hardware.  6" pulls for upper cabinets and 3" for lower.  

8.  Existing chairs from Ballard Designs.

9.  In addition to the kitchen, I added a few elements from the family room to make sure the two rooms compliment each other.  The Slipcovered Spruce Chair from Serena & Lily will sit by the fireplace on the family room side. 

10.  Racing Stripe pillow from Serena & Lily will act as an accent pillow.  

11.  Paint color for family room:  Benjamin Moore, Silent Night

12.  We added on (the beauty of carpet tiles) to our awesome FLOR area rug in Vintage Vibe in the family room.  

13.  Also high on my list were new lights for over the island.  I wanted to use these for Martha but didn't have a spot.  Happy the Hood pendant from Rejuvenation are finding a home in Milly's Kitchen!

14.  What's a kitchen without a good egg picture?  I love the scale and soft blue color of this print from Wisteria.

15.  And last, but certainly not least is my beloved birdie paper from Schumacher.  It will be an accent wall behind the table.  

A little bit French, a little bit eclectic and a whole lot of us!  


  1. Love a white kitchen!! My next home will have mostly white kitchen (high-gloss painted cabinets, white tile backsplash) and pale dove gray walls (reclaimed barn wood that has been pickled is my ideal surface). What are your thoughts on butcher block counters? I've done granite and tile and Formica (blech) and I'm kind of over all of them...

    1. humm.... I do like the look of butcher block. I would probably stick to it on a big island and do granite, marble, or a nice man made stone for the counters. Also loving the man made stone that looks like concrete right now!