Monday, June 3, 2013

Meet Our House

Let me introduce you to our house...

This is Martha and on July 23rd she will be all ours!  She is a lovely little colonial style home in North Reston on a street we said we would always like to live on "if we planned on staying here".  She is solid.  Her symmetry and classic elegance make her seem well above her 29 years.  (Which in my opinion is the only age one should claim to be.)  But her meticulous yard and well kept interior appears to be only half her age.  She is a happy house.  She has spent the past 23 years with a family and watched a little girl grow up.  Her peaceful days were filled with a loving couple gardening and cello playing daughter.  Her new days will be long, being awakened by a hungry baby and going to sleep with giggling little boys.  Her spotless wood floors may see a few new dents and she may feel rumbles from the wrestling and running around.  She will be filled with noise but also with love and we hope that Martha will learn to love her new world as much as we love her.

Although Martha is set in her Williamsburg Colonial ways we are planning on giving her a little fashion update to bring her into more modern times.  She is currently decorated beautifully but not in a style that reflects our family.  Her Williamsburg blue trim will be turned to black and her cream walls brightened with fresh white.  Floral wallcovering removed and geometric prints added.  However, we will still listen to her.  As much as we wanted that white leather couch it is not Martha.  She is not slick or cold but warm and inviting.  So here in lies the challenge...  Making Martha fit our style while keeping hers.  It will be tricky and I will have to let some grand ideas go but we are about to take the journey of making her our house!