Friday, July 26, 2013

Modest Martha

I had my first personal home improvement project this week.  We officially became home owners on Tuesday and I was off and running Wednesday morning in what will soon be Max's bedroom.  My task...remove all the wallpaper.  While it made a perfect setting as a sewing room it was just not going to do for stud man Max's new pad.  I am not a novice in this area and spent many days helping my Mom remove wallpaper throughout my childhood home.  However, it was not nearly as enjoyable this time around.  I suppose in my mind it had been glamorized thinking about chatting with my Mom as we would take down the wallpaper bit by bit.  It never seemed to take that long...but Martha had a different idea.


I began Wednesday morning with high hopes of completing my task that day.  But, as the hours drew on I knew this was not going to be easy.  Poor modest Martha did not like being shed of her frocks from the past 20 years.  She hung onto those stripes and baskets like a mid-westerner at a Longaberger sale {20 years ago}.  I was patient though and after 20 hours and three day they were all gone!  I handed the room over to the painters this morning as they work on transforming it. 

Day One

My New Best Friend

Ralph Lauren Chevron Moderne - Spectator
 As I was doing this a few people asked if it made me never want to put up another wallcovering?  Like any good designer the answer is obviously, "No", because as I was pulling paper off I was dreaming of this Ralph Lauren wallcovering that I want to put on the wall behind my desk.  {possibly my second personal home improvement project!}

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thinking Ceilings...

We are three days from closing on our house and Martha being all ours!  Today we arrived home from a week vacation in Hilton Head.  I am straight off a 9 hour drive home and all I can think about is ceilings.  I think they can make a room and I am hoping these two ideas fit in the budget.  The problem with big ideas is that they usually cost money.  Here is what I'm going to talk to the painter/contractor about tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Every Lady Needs a Little Green

Martha wouldn't be a lady without the proper accessories!  After weeks of struggling with what accent color I would choose for the family room I came across these fabulous green chairs...

So, I took the big plunge and made my first purchase for Martha.  A big bright pair of Emeralds!  

Since the purchase of Martha's newest accessory I have been searching for "Green-spiration"!  Here are a few of the spaces that have started me thinking (and spending) green...

Love the look of the oversized head chairs and the simple walls!

Shades of green on the chairs could be a DIY project in the making.

The light blue adds elegance and tones down the bold green chairs.

The green can be punched up even more with yellow drapes.

Don't forget about the inside!

Green walls for an uplifting office.

A classic shape in a new color!