Friday, September 6, 2013

Tiny Toilets and Toile

You know when you are going through a house that you want to buy and you love it, and the neighborhood, and it doesn't really matter what the details are at this point, you just know it's the one?  Well, that's how it happened for us.  We walked in and knew it wasn't our style but we didn't care.  You can change paint and the furniture will be moved.  We were in house bliss!  Then we moved in and sat on the toilets...and realized we are big toilet people.  Big, tall, elongated seat toilet people and we have tiny, tiny cream (almond) toilets...everywhere!  Details, details... right?

I, of course, did not see this as a problem but rather a design opportunity.  I'm going utilize my first "opportunity" to change out our mini-loo's to big American toilets!  However, there are a few elements we have to work with for the time being.  One being the cream vanity, bath, and bath tile.

I immediately had a "great idea".   Here is a picture of the before and after of my first bathroom project.  I wanted to get white in there but still tie in the cream so I decided on wide painted stripes.  Due to my lack of funds after having the rest of the house painted I took this job on myself and I'm pretty proud of it!  I give mucho credit to the frog tape that kept my lines clean.  The room is about 75% complete.  I still need to hang the roman shade, shelves, towel bar, and accessorize.  We also need to switch out the toilet...but don't fear I have already picked out my "dream toilet".


All Taped Up

After - New Mirror and Light

New Rug

West Elm Pinch Pleat Shower Curtain

Tiny Tim

I used to have dream handbags and it's dream toilets... can't wait for Cimarron to arrive!

So, after this great accomplishment I have decided my next challenge will be wallpapering (after I tear down the current wallpaper) in the first floor powder room!  And my inspiration...none other than Miss Blair Waldorf herself.  

While her buttoned up clothes and structured trenches inspired me in my fashionista (pre-homeowner) days,  I'm now using my extensive knowledge of all things Gossip Girl in my decor.  And who didn't love that office!?!  More specifically the fabulous green toile walls and guess who found the source?  This girl!  Hoping it turns out as positively fabulous as Miss B herself! 

XO - Katie