Sunday, April 6, 2014

Martha...The Final Chapter

We were only supposed to be in DC for 1 (maybe 2) years.  I was never supposed to love it here.  It was never supposed to be home.  Quickly the years began to became two...two became 4 and in a blink we found ourselves at year 8 and thinking this was going to be a long term home for us, possibly a forever home.  We found ourselves in a house we loved and neighborhood we loved even more.  Then, just like that, we got the call we had been waiting for...we were moving home but leaving home at the same time.

The past few weeks have been the definition of "bittersweet".  Excited to move near family but teary eyed over leaving our friends, our house, and our new "home".  In the mad chaos of everything we finished up our last few projects and put the For Sale sign in front of "Our House".  It had truly become our house too.  Completely transformed into what we dreamed it would be.  There are always the few things you can't have or aren't in the budget (white kitchen, master bedroom addition) but overall Martha was perfectly ours and we loved her.  She sold in 4 days and just like that Our House became someone else's.  

I know I can't take Martha with me to Ohio so the next best thing was to have Bonnie Sen Creative come to capture everything she had become.  I will cherish everything about this renovation and will always have the pictures to remind me of our first house.

Family Room

KDL Interiors Office

Family Room

Chopper at His Favorite Seat in the Front Window

Office Detail

Entering Dining 

Dining Room

View to the Sun Room

Chair Detail

Sun Room

My Three Bulls (Boys)


Powder Room

Master Details

Master Bedroom

Master Bed

Master Bath

Rocco's Room

Max's Room

Full Bath

Full Bath Details

Walking Down Stairs (I didn't have time to make this vision real...but always thought this would be the perfect spot for a super-sized picture of my boys)

Laundry Sink

There she is...Our Martha.  My heart aches when I think about leaving her but it's on to a new adventure.  She will never be forgotten and will live on in our hearts forever.  To steal a quote from a statue at my alma mater... "To Think that in such a place, I (We) led such a life."

Thank You Martha, Thank You Friends, Thank You DC.  


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